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Where the landlord is suspected of overcharging the tenant or where the landlord is proposing or has carried out extensive works to the building, Service Charges Recovery Group acts for tenants in recovering or reducing these excessive charges.

Areas where we look to reduce costs:

  • Extensive works to the building may constitute ‘improvements’ and are not recoverable from tenants who are only liable for ‘repairs’
  • Incorrect allocation of costs among tenants
  • Items that are being reclaimed from the tenant that are not recoverable under the terms of the lease
  • Limitation of recovery of fees and costs within the lease
  • Service charge caps in leases not correctly calculated or used

Charges can be recovered both for previous years’ costs and to reduce a tenant’s on-going liability for charges.

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Service Charge administration

Service Charges Recovery Group can administer the ongoing payment of service charges on behalf of tenants. Services include:

  • Receiving service charge budgets and checking if any charges are incorrect or excessive by comparison to previous years’ figures
  • Receiving quarterly demands and checking for any errors before authorising payment in full, or part payment if there are matters requiring clarification or are in dispute
  • Receiving certificates and agreeing any excess charges, or chasing any credits due
  • Checking payments are due and correct, in accordance with the lease
  • Assessing whether apportionments and percentages are correct
  • Corresponding with the landlord or their managing agents on any issues or potential disputes

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Recover Landlord’s costs from Tenants

Service Charges Recovery Group acts for landlords in recovering costs from tenants. This applies to both freeholders and tenants who are subletting premises.

  • Our costs for performing these services can usually be recovered through the service charge. Services include:
  • Auditing service charge accounts
  • Analysing leases for correct recharging
  • Calculating the correct apportionments for the building
    for recharging to tenants



Over £4 billion are paid in service charges each year
By outsourcing this process it has freed up valuable time from our own in-house staff