Service charges account for up to 25% of your total
occupancy cost, yet they are rarely challenged and are frequently wrongly calculated.

Over £4 billion are paid in service charges each year. With some landlords overcharging up to 25% there can be large recoveries due to the tenant, but in most cases tenants never know they are overpaying.

Landlords often inadvertently include costs in the service charge that should not be paid by the tenants.

Service Charges Recovery Group is a specialised company dedicated to recovering service charges that landlords have inadvertently included in your rent. We’re uniquely positioned to spot every trick in the book – and we know exactly how to start reclaiming what’s rightfully yours.

We analyse, verify, control and correct your service charges, providing you with the specialist help you need to ensure that your charges are properly calculated and that you actually receive the services represented by your service charge payment.Over 50% of service charge statements issued by landlords contain errors. We are here to ensure fairness for the tenant.

Start reclaiming what’s rightfully yours


Up to 25% of your service charges
is money down
the drain
This specialised
service has proved
invaluable to
our business